Instrumentation & Controls

Survey Services

SRI Global Inc is uniquely qualified to provide you with the right solutions and flexibility for your surveying needs. SRI has been a trusted source for surveying the land and waterways in and around all of our communities. we have routinely demonstrated our capabilities for innovation and efficiency, and have earned a reputation of delivering accurate, high-quality work with every project we take on.

Survey Services

SRI's surveying group is comprised of Registered Professional Land Surveyors and full-service surveying crews. Our survey teams can be mobilized in a very short time period to handle complex projects and accelerated schedules. We service private and public sector clients including:

Survey ServicesSurvey Services

Oil & Gas Pipeline, Exploration and Production Companies

  • Renewable Energy companies
  • Electrical Transmission & Distribution companies
  • Developers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Pipeline companies

Our surveying personnel have many years of practical experience, as well as the relevant safety training which allows them to proficiently perform the following types of survey work, in support of our client's projects:

  • Route surveys for pipeline design & construction
  • Establishing of geodetic control for aerial mapping & LiDAR mapping
  • Right-of-way retracement surveys
  • Digital terrain modeling (DTM)
  • Topographic surveys for civil design and hydrology
  • ALTA surveys and boundary surveys for other land title issues
  • Determination of riparian & littoral boundaries in the State of Texas
  • Lease unitization surveys of pooled units for oil & gas production
  • Staking proposed oil & gas well locations and generating the proposed well location plat in compliance with the Texas Railroad Commission's requirements
  • DOTD waterway crossing compliance surveys
  • Route surveys for road construction and utility corridors
  • Design & Construction surveys for petrochemical plants & refineries
  • As built surveys for pipelines & civil engineering projects.
  • Environmental regulation surveys
  • Regulatory Compliance surveys
Survey Services

SRI's survey teams utilize the latest software and field technologies. With our continued commitment to staying on the forefront of technology, SRI utilizes the latest GPS, Remote Sensing, and conventional surveying equipment to ensure that our clients receive accurate and precise data. Our Remote Sensing services include the latest in hydrographic surveying, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and 3D Laser scanning technologies. In the office, SRI utilizes the latest mapping and GIS technology available. SRIís commitment to quality can be defined as understanding our client's requirements before a project begins, and to conform to those requirements. Our goal is to deliver superior services, on time, and safely.

Process Engineering:

  • Conceptual Process Design Study

  • Process Design Basis

  • Process Design Package

  • Basic Engineering Design Data

  • Heat and Material Balance

  • Block Flow Diagrams

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Plot Plan Review

  • Utility Flow Diagrams

  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams

  • Process Descriptions

  • Equipment Lists

  • Line Sizing and Line List

  • Tie-in Lists

  • Hydraulic Calculation Reports

  • Process Equipment Data Sheets

  • Process Instrumentation Data Sheets

  • Relief system design review

  • Relief scenario datasheets and relief valve process datasheets

  • Material Selection Diagrams (MSDs) and piping specifications

  • Process specialty items list

  • Process effluent and emissions summary

  • Process risk analysis (PHA, HAZOP, etc.)

  • Operating Procedures (write-ups)

Electrical Engineering :

  • Electrical equipment specifications and data sheets

  • One Line Diagram(s)

  • Load List

  • Hazardous Area Classification Plans and Details

  • Lighting plan

  • Schematics

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Raceway plans and details

  • Lightning Protection Plans and Details

  • Installation details

  • Relay coordination curves and protective device settings

  • Arc Flash calculations

  • Short circuit and load flow studies

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Harmonic Evaluation

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Design

  • Backup Power Systems Design

  • Grounding Design (either NEC or NESC/IEEE 80)

Instrumentation and controls Engineering :

  • P&ID development

  • Sizing, Selection, and Specification of instruments

  • PLC, SCADA, DCS, and SIS specifications;

  • Control Narratives

  • Logic diagrams (Boolean and SAMA)

  • Cause-and-Effect diagrams

  • Instrument Data sheets development using InTools Package

  • System Architecture Diagrams

  • Instrument Inputs for Mechanical Equipment Packaged Systems (Compressors etc..)

  • Bid Analysis/Offer Evaluation for Instruments, Control Systems and Mechanical Packages.

  • PLC, SCADA, DCS, and SIS Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

  • Fiber optic Industrial Networks Design.

  • Supervision of Instruments, PLC & DCS system Installation, Loop Testing and commissioning activities.


  • SRIís Programming team of experts collaboratively plan, design and implement control systems that optimize operations and achieve real cost savings.

    Our Programming Team works closely with each group of the client's organization, such as operations & maintenance and management, to determine their needs and requirements. The final product will result in the optimal pathway for getting the highest return on investment and providing effective, efficient and easy to use integrated process monitoring and control systems.

  • Graphics development for PLC HMI, SCADA, and DCS/SIS Systems of different Manufacturers.
  • Programming/Configuration for PLC HMI, SCADA, and DCS/SIS Systems of different Manufacturers.
  • Witness Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Communication Engineering:

  • Communication System Specifications
  • Communication Network Design
  • Radio Path Studies

Access Control & Video Surveillance:

  • Access Control Systems Engineering

  • Video Surveillance Systems Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Plot Plan

  • System Design and Design basis documents

  • Technical specifications of various packages

  • P&IDís for various systems (etc.)

  • GA / Layout of all buildings

  • Building facilities such as Fire Fighting system, HVAC etc.

  • Equipment / Vessel GA

  • Process, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation Inter Discipline support

  • Equipment Data Sheet

  • Piping Engineering including Isometrics, BOM

  • Package / Vendor Interface Engineering

  • Code Calculations for pressure vessels & piping

  • Feasibility studies and cost estimation

  • Construction and testing support

Civil Engineering:

  • Analysis & Design of RCC Buildings and Structures

  • Analysis & Design of Steel Structures.

  • Analysis & Design of tall RCC Chimney & Cooling Tower.

  • Vibration analysis of dynamically loaded equipment foundation & structures such as Turbo Generator, BFP, Mills etc.

  • Analysis & Design of RCC water retaining structures.

  • Analysis & Design of piled foundation including well foundation, sheet piling & coffer dams.

  • Joint detailing of Steel Structures both welded and bolted.

  • Settlement Analysis of structure & foundation

  • Ground improvement using Geotextile, Geo membranes including analysis for slope stability & protection

  • Analysis and Design of underground RCC tunnels and bridges

  • Design of Road and railway siding

  • Ground water and soil Analysis for foundation system recommendation

  • Architectural design and detailing

  • Design of intake structures and earthen reservoirs

  • Structural Optimization study & recommendation

  • Structural rehabilitation

  • Review and Approval of Structural analysis and Design calculations

  • Review of Architectural detailing & drawings

  • Review of Fabrication drawings

Metallurgical Testing & Failure Analysis

Material Testing and Analytical Services

  • Materials testing and analysis of all types of materials (metals, ceramics and polymers)
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing using the following techniques
    • Fractography using metallurgical and scanning electron microscopes
    • Elemental chemical analysis of alloys (material characterization) using Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X- Ray Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS)
    • Quantitative chemical analysis of metals using Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).
    • Macro and microscopic examinations of defects using metallurgical and scanning electron microscopes
    • Microstructural examination through optical and field replica metallography
    • Mechanical properties measurements (UTS, YS, Fracture toughness, Hardness etc.)
    • Non-Destructive Examinations; Computed Tomography X-Ray Scanning, Eddy current, Ultrasound, Radiography etc.

Materials Consultation Services

  • Advanced material selection
  • Industrial trouble shootings
  • Corrosion identification, monitoring, protection & mitigations
  • Development of Corrosion Control Guidelines for O&G industries
  • Training courses for non-metallurgists;
    • Corrosion in O&G Industries
    • Metals and alloys for O&G industries
    • Total failure management

Failure Investigation services

SRI provides cause and root cause investigation of materials, using destructive and non-destructive analytical techniques, comes out with remedial measures and get back to the client with resolution and technical explanations of the problem to achieve clear understanding of the failure mechanism. This brings the following benefits to the industry;

  • Reduction in NPT (nonproductive time)
  • Reimbursement of DBR (damage beyond repair) cost, if involved
  • Stronger business relationship by winning the confidence of the client
  • Knowledge dissemination to the valued customers

Corrosion Services

Identification, testing and evaluation of:

  • Aqueous Corrosion
  • Hydraulic oil corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • High temperature oxidation and molten salt corrosion
  • Concrete corrosion
  • Biological corrosion
  • Electrochemical and immersion corrosion tests
  • Coating evaluation